Integrity Lawn Care (& Landscaping)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

If you're a residential or commercial property owner looking for a dependable & trustworthy yard care-landscaping contractor to provide (Single Service - or - Full Season) spring clean up, seasonal lawn cut/care, fall clean up, winter snow clearing, full landscaping & design or property maintenance services and your home or property is located in Windsor ParkSouthdaleSage CreekIsland LakesRoyalwood, NiakwaSt. Vital, St. Boniface - or - SOUTH SIDE WINNIPEG  - we hope to have the opportunity to serve YOU!

Our goals do not include growing into one of the largest service providers across the city of Winnipeg.  Our warehouse is located just outside Winnipeg's south-east side and this puts us in an ideal position to be able to respond quickly to new property requests as well as maintaining our ongoing seasonal services in this specific focused area.

Trust is important...!  We will be on site almost always ourselves and you can expect the small network of those who work with us to also uphold the 'integrity' service standard.  We do this for all the right reasons!  We truly enjoy the work.  We sincerely care about improving/maintaining properties where people live or visit.  Our goal is to respond to your requests promptly and to perform agreed upon tasks efficiently.


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SPRING CLEAN UPS:  (APRIL)  We do single service requests.  Meaning you do NOT have to book summer lawn care service in order to receive this individual service. 
Spring Clean Up property services in south east Winnipeg include; The first step:  Power Trim edges, fence lines and small spaces.  Power Rake to gently scrape the surface of the grass to loosen old debris, sand, salt, rocks, dust so that it can be cleaned/cleared efficiently.  The second step: Power Blow lawn, bushes and agreed upon areas.  Hand rake to clean/clear surface debris as required.  The third step:  First Lawn Cut to get the lawn started with a clean, level appearance and a strong start for the season.  Bag and remove grass clippings, dead fallen branches, debris and garbage. 
Note: First fertilizer service available and recommended as the best time of year to fertilize your lawn.


SUMMER LAWN CARE/CUT:  (Single Service, Monthly or Full Season requests)
MAY-JUNE- Weekly lawn service as there is usually lots of moisture and grass is growing vigorously.
JULY-SEPT- Bi-weekly lawn service as it is not recommended to cut the grass every week during the peak sun/summer months. NOTE: Request up to 3 additional cuts for FREE during this period if there is an unusual amount of rain or perhaps you're expecting guests and would like the property refreshed.
Summer/Seasonal Lawn Care/Cut property service includes;  The first step:  Power Trim edges, fence lines and small spaces.  The second step:  Lawn Cut according to the style/standards requested by you.  The third step:  Power blow open areas and clear any lingering debris.  Bag and remove grass clippings, small branches and debris.
***Fertilizer Specialty Service: 
One time service call - or - Full season service.  One time service calls are commonly added to the spring clean up as it is the best time to fertilize your lawn if you only do it once for the year.  Full season service requests include a scheduled application after spring clean ups and again at the beginning of June, July and August. 
***Weed Control Specialty Services:  One time service call - or - Full season service.  One time service weed control service requests are popular as it may not be necessary to control the weeds the full season in your area depending on the overall surrounding demographics.  Full season weed control service requests for south east Winnipeg include a weed spray application at the beginning of May, June, July and August with an optional add on for September available upon request.


FALL CLEAN UPS:  (OCTOBER)  The Fall Clean Up property service includes;  The first step:  Power Blow bush, tree, fence and congested areas of the property clean and clear of leaves, fallen branches and debris.  The second step:  Upon request - trim/shape trees or bushes and identify anything else to be cleared/cleaned in preparation for the next season.  The third step:  Bag and remove everything.


WINTER SNOW CLEARING:  (NOVEMBER-MARCH)  One time service calls - or - Full season snow clearing service for south east Winnipeg.  One time snow clearing service can still be completed within 24 hours accept during blizzard conditions when we must give our top focus/priority to our monthly service clients.
The Winter Snow Clearing property service includes; A commitment to clear sidewalks, driveways and agreed upon areas within 24 hours after every snowfall over (1 inch  or  2.5 cm)  As it is not uncommon for snow to fall early in October or late in April - we're prepared to provide snow clearing based on a prorated service call.

Integrity Landscaping  & Property Maintenance

Full property makeover & complete new home landscaping services that include ground levelling, soil & sod, rock garden & rock trim/outline designs, raised wood/brick garden designs, tree/shrub planting/removal or trimming/shaping as well as patio/deck/fence designs, address & family name designs/signs. outdoor/indoor painting and your special requests...

Over-coating Soil & Grass Seed: A great way to refresh the look of your lawn and strengthen the root systems for a lawn with longer lasting healthy growth potential/endurance.  A full coat of 4 way premium soil mix with a full overcoat of grass seed and over raking to complete the process.  NOTE:  Property owners must plan to water the freshly coated lawn areas every evening to keep it wet/moist for at least 7-10 days to efficiently germinate the grass seeds.

Rock Gardens:  Ground level and raised rock gardens are a great way to create an outstanding appeal for your property and decrease the amount of grass that needs to be maintained each year.  We can help bring your ideas to a reality or if you're not sure what this could look like for your property, we'd be happy to plan a visit to brainstorm with you while providing any relevant ideas/possibilities for your consideration.

Sod Supply & Service:  Replace or repair dead grass areas, fill in new patches of sod/grass or create new grass/lawn areas.  There are a few important factors to consider to help make sure your newly sodded areas successfully turn into healthy strong grass/lawn areas.  Some factors include preparing the under-bed properly so sod roots can quickly/efficiently connect to mother earths permanent source of survival.  Levelling and accounting for drainage areas (& settling) are also important considerations.

Raised Garden Beds & Roto-tilling:  Standard rototilling service for your existing gardens as well as assistance to maximize your garden space, growing potential and visual appeal.  With modern health and residential vegetable gardens becoming more popular - we can help you to create and/or maintain your residential gardens.  Raised garden beds are a great idea to accomplish excellent growth potential and they also can create a unique look to the landscape of your property.  Annual commercial garden instillation and maintenance services also available.  Tree/shrub trimming, planting of annual flowers, maintenance of all plants including trimming, watering and clearing of garbage when applicable.

Tree & Shrub - Trimming, Cutting, Removal (& Planting):  When south east Winnipeg is hit hard with wind, rain or snow storms, we're ready to help clean up the damage and work with you to restore your property to the best possible condition.  When the weather is ideal and trees/shrubs are growing abundantly, we're ready to help trim, remove or shape bush/shrub/tree areas according to your requests.  NOTE:  In the spring/fall we can also assist you with delivery and planting of new trees/shrubs/bushes or flowers.

Sidewalk - Steps - Patio (Brick/Stone/Wood) Design & Levelling:  Over time existing sidewalks, steps and patio areas will start to become warped with sink holes or raised spots from tree roots.  Re-levelling existing areas with a limestone base (& border) will help to prevent future warping and refresh the look of your property.  Designing new sidewalks and patio areas are great ideas to add refreshing ways to enjoy your property.

Eaves Trough Cleaning & Repair:  Most property owners are aware that clogged eves troughs can lead to substantial and expensive repairs.  Single service or annual eves trough cleaning service available in our focused service area south east Winnipeg.

Property Maintenance Services:  Deck, patio, fence repairs and construction.  Exterior and interior painting services to help restore old surface areas or cover new ones.  Drywall repair and installation.

Your trust and satisfaction is important to us...!  We operate on a Hire Agreement that is based on a mutually agreed upon requirement for outlined services to be completed.  Payments for services are due upon completion and you're satisfied according to the terms of our agreement.  Payments in advance are not required other than deposit requests for larger landscaping and property maintenance projects.  Additionally, in an effort to keep it simple regarding your personal details, we do not use merchant services (VISA - MASTERCARD) and will never ask for your credit card information.


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